About us

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We are a small, family run company founded by two brothers and based in the beautiful Wye Valley, in the Welsh borders.

We take pride in crafting the very best mead, and from the hive to your hand, we care for it tenderly until we release it into the world.

Combining our love of nature with our interest in brewing. We set out to create something as original as possible by taking a very traditional drink that has been around for over 8000 years, and give it a modern twist. What we have created is light, refreshing, rich in flavour and innovative, but also steeped in history. A true blend of old and new.

We could go on about passion, pride and perfection, but that should come over on the first sip. We aim to be different. Many think mead is sweet and strong and something drunk by druids and monks. Well that was then (and occasionally now during the summer solstice...).

With mounting quantities of honey from our own bees and a desire to drink something more like craft beer, we began creating session strength meads made with great ingredients and killer flavours. Our mead is a marriage of modern brewing techniques applied to the most ancient beverage.

So please take what preconceptions you have, and refresh them.

We bring you sparkling, medium dry, flavourful mead. We start with the best quality ingredients we can lay our hands on, add yeast and time, and leave the product to do the talking.


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The founders:

Matt is a geologist turned beekeeper and brewer. He began chasing bees when he was 16 and took a summer job working for a local commercial beekeeper in the Forest of Dean. Being paid a jar of honey a week, he wasn't in it for the money, but he learnt how to see order amongst the apparent chaos of the beehive. Soon after this, he caught his first swarm and was hooked.

Our products come from a love of nature and a love of this area. The Wye Valley is unique in its biodiversity, which is excellent news for bees. Making mead gives us the opportunity share a piece of what we love with anyone." 

Kit worked in the design industry, and is now working for a tech company in Reading. He travels back to the Wye Valley for brewing sessions and events. And can often be seen donning a bee suit to help out on the apiary (what a great guy).

"It is really important for me that we do something worthwhile and creative. Matt and I are both very keen on the outdoors and nature, so creating a product that enables us to work closely with bees is fantastic." 

What makes our mead different?

The UK makes some of the best honey in the world. We know this as beekeepers. Because of the great biodiversity we enjoy in the Wye Valley, we get a really varied honey, site to site, hive to hive and week to week. Depending on the season, we get a spring wildflower blend from the hawthorn, a light clear lime honey or a rich pungent ivy honey. This means the mead would vary hugely, in flavour and in fermentation. To provide a consistent product, we ferment with a blend of blossom honey and local honeys, always adding some golden local product from our own hives, but relying on the blossom honey to create a stable product to work with.

For our dedicated fans, we will offer a small run of mead fermented with seasonal honey to really showcase what the area offers.