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On a quest to blend traditional style with modern tastes

Mead made new



5.5% 330ml bottles / Keg

Using a cold infusion of cascade hops, we impart a zesty and floral flavour to our mead by using several careful additions during the fermentation process. This is where craft beer meets mead, and they get along very well.

  • Two Star Great Taste Award 2019


4% 330ml bottles

By combining the fresh flavours of tangy Rhubarb Juice with our sweeter mead, we create a perfect blend of sweet and sour. Sparkling and delicate, with a refreshing flavour. It's like a lovely fizzy rhubarb pie.

new - HONEY & Ginger

4% 330ml bottles

One for the gingernuts out there. Ever thought about dipping a ginger biscuit in honey? Of course you have. Who hasn`t? We’ve saved you the trouble by bringing them together: infusing root ginger in our mead for that fiery and sweet combination. A perfect winter warmer!


5.5% 330ml bottles

We have combined the classic spring flavour of fresh elderflowers with our lovely honey, and gently fermented them together to create this, our sparkling Elderflower Mead. A taste of spring in every bottle. It’s like popping over to your Gran’s house and getting gently tiddly.


new - mango mosaic

5.5% 330ml bottles

We have combined Mosaic hops with mango to create this juicy fruit bomb of a mead! Inspired by East Coast IPA but brewed on pure honey, this is the love child of a complex mango, hop and honey encounter - and custody is all yours!

(Available 4th November)

Combining our love of nature with our interest in brewing. We set out to create something original by taking a very traditional drink that has been around for over 8000 years, and give it a modern twist. What we have created is light, refreshing, rich in flavour and steeped in history.

A true blend of old and new.


Mead making courses

We run courses teaching the art of mead making. Over the session you will learn the process of brewing mead, learn about the different types of mead from around the world, mead through the ages. We will answer important questions like; what on earth is a Braggot, Melomel, Rhodomel, Capsimel or Cyser? And of course, we will drink plenty of mead. 

These sessions are run in groups of 8, Please do get in touch about the next available session. 

Bee keeping courses

We run bee keeping courses that can be tailored to the individual or groups. A great gift for someone looking to get into bee keeping. 

We will provide you with all the knowledge you need to keep bees of your own. 

Wye Valley Honey & Hops

made in the heart of the wye valley

In the last 5 years the bee population has dropped by 1/3. If bees were to disappear from the face of the earth, humans would have just 4 years left to live.
— sir david attenborough