Bee - keeping


If you want to get into bee keeping..

We run bee-keeping courses to suit all levels of skill.  Matt; head brewer and bee keeper will take you through the basics of setting up a hive, seasonal care, how to prevent against and treat bee diseases.

We can tailor any 1-1 session.

Introduction to bee-keeping: Parts of a hive, handling bees, maintaining a healthy hive, reading the bees, bee-keeping safety. 

Extracting and processing honey: How to get honey from a hive, extraction methods, jarring.

1-1 tutor sessions - great if you want learn the basics so you can set up your own hive

Group sessions - a fun day for the family or group of friends who want to experience and try their hand at bee keeping. We will stop for a delicious lunch prepared by Meadow farm in Tintern. 

Send us a message and we can plan your session. 

10:00am, Locally roasted coffee on arrival, and a look around an empty beehive, outlining protective equipment and an introduction, safety briefing and orientation.

10:30 - 12:00 Examination of a beehive, handling bees under supervision and the demonstration of the pollen, honey stores, and queen bee. Assessing the health and strength of the colony

12:00 - 12.30/12.45 lunch: Provided by a local business.

1245/1300 - 1400 travel to another apiary. Honey collecting, assessment and practical aspect of the days lessons.

1400 - 1530 Honey extracting, jarring and labeling.

·15.30 - 1600 Afternoon refreshments, with additional questions, optional further demonstration on top bar hives and beekeeping around the world/ talk about setting up a home or rooftop apiary.

1600-16,30 Departure.

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